What is Global Lipstick?

This question arrises often. Anytime someone hears the name, the conversation or train of thought goes as follows, “That’s so cute! What does it mean? It’s not about makeup?”  It’s like Pandora’s Box. So, here is Global Lipstick defined.

Global Lipstick is a Philadelphia area-based travel blog and travel documentary series run by three sisters: Onyx, Jeta and Ebony. Collectively, we’ve traveled to approximately 50 countries. Our mission is to celebrate cultural experiences around the world. When we’re not traveling or presenting global happenings, we search for what’s hot in and around Philly.  Season one of our web series, “Global Lipstick: Trapped in Philly”, is based on us being “stuck” at home for the summer.  So, we create a local travel experience, revealing hidden gems in food, fashion and fun in Philadelphia.  The 7-episode series debuted on June 5th, 2014. Next stop….to be announced 😉

The name Global Lipstick is a marriage of strength and softness. Both traits inhabit a Global Lipstick reader/viewer. You delight in having balance in life overall. You’re most likely a trailblazer and yearn to leave your mark on the world – in whatever hue you fancy. You dabble in what’s mainstream but the real fun comes from your own unique discoveries. You are inquisitive, open-minded and a niche-carver.

The content can be broken down into four categories:

Style – Whether it be a one-of-a-kind vintage steal or a fresh runway look, we take it and make it our own. We rarely play it safe.

Fun – travel, music, art, travel, picnics, dance, street conversations, game nights, karaoke, travel…did we forget travel? The list goes on. This category might be a personal favorite.

Food – adventurous palates! We thrive on foodie excursions. Any dine outing is an opportunity to visit one of the dozens of restaurants you’ve wanted to try, not where you just ate last week. Same rules apply to cooking and new recipes!

People – influencers. We love to inspire and be inspired. Those highlighted here make statements and are exemplary to us that want to be better and do better.

All topics are approached with a worldly eye.

So, that’s Global Lipstick. We aim to inform you of something new and useful whenever you stop by. As always, thank you for reading.

Besos. Bisous. Kisses. 🙂