Wednesday Wish: Seychelles Islands

Next stop, Seychelles.  This handful of heaven is a nation of 115 islands off the eastern coast of Africa, stretching along the Indian Ocean.

In true island fashion, the natives are calm and laid-back, contributing to its  beloved relaxed ambiance.

You’re able to absorb all the natural beauty here with a stroll along the beach with that special someone, collecting seashells….

And there’ s a chance of spotting the Coco de Mer aka the “Love Nut” washing up.  Careful if you’re thinking of picking this baby up. It holds the record for the world’s largest and heaviest fruit!

Get an adrenaline rush jumping from the Waterfall Vallée de Maí Praslin.

Check out some big game fish like this Black Martin, ohh yeeeaaaa!

You can also visit a colonial house (pictured second) or scuba dive if you dare!

The islands so good, there’s a brand of shoes (just as cool) named after it.  So, ladies, before you leave home, you may want to snag a comfy and cute pair of wedges from and enjoy the ride!


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