Uncork’d Hershey


Finding a wine to suit you can be a challenge- and an expensive challenge at that. You hear stories about how a good wine is such a good find, it can help with your heart, or plain old be the prefect ending to a long day. But maybe you’re like me a few years ago. I wanted to spit out wine when I had it initially. Know this; there’s a wine out there for EVERYONE. Finding yours is the challenge mentioned above. So what do you do? You check out the Hershey Wine and Food Festival! This is an entire weekend of wine tasting, food sampling, and more. Their fifth annual Wine & Food Festival concluded with The Grand Tasting, perfect for wine drinkers at any stage. The garden of the hotel is filled with various stations. Some of the stations have wines for you to taste. Taste and get familiar with the wine. The representatives are more than willing to answer any and all of your questions. I learned that there is a such thing as a dessert wine…. who knew! My sweet tooth was doing a happy dance. It’s recommended to have this wine with dark chocolate to cut down on the sweetness (it’s powerful, even for those with a sweet tooth like mine). Which ever kind of wine you prefer, you’re sure to find a favorite at the Milton Hershey Food and Wine Festival Unkor’d.

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