GL Travel Rock Star: Trisha Velarmino

Tis the season for joy good cheer and of course presents!  This year GL was fortunate to receive an extra special gift when we came across this month’s travel Rock Star Trisha Velarmino.   Trisha was born and raised in Subic Bay Philippines.  She left home to attend school and study fashion in Milan, Italy.  While in Italy she began to explore Europe and discovered her passion for travel.


At 22 she finished school and got a normal 9 to5 as she was told to do but her passion for travel was still very much alive.  Ultimately Trisha couldn’t run from what she wanted most, to see the world.  She quit her job and left for South America where she is currently exploring.  Trisha embodies a travel Rock Star because when she goes from place to place her experience is less to be a visitor and more to gain an authentic cultural exchange. She gives fun and enjoyable accounts of all her adventures on her blog “P.S. I’m On My Way.” She lives in each location as a volunteer and stays for longer periods of time.  Her goal is always to get the “local living” experience.  For this reason and the fact that she is absolutely obsessed with hot sauce, Global Lipstick is pleased to call Trisha a travel Rock Star.


GL:  When did you start traveling?

TV:  I’ve been travelling since I was 20. I first travelled through Southeast Asia extensively as it is close to home.  Then I had the opportunity to be a part of an internship program in Milan, Italy (as well as a scholarship to fashion school) and that’s when I really feel in love.  I realized the benefits of long-term travel and in 2013; I decided to quit my job to live a life of travel. Today, I am marking my 20th month of travelling South America and I consider it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

GL: Tell us about one of the most adventurous excursions you’ve been on so far.

TV:  I’d have to say the Inca Trail to the Machu Picchu. I thought I was physically prepared for the trip but I wasn’t. I had a lot of trouble catching up with the group (there were three of us) but the experience was superb. I even enjoyed the trail more than seeing the ruins.

TV 3

GL: When you’re photographing your travels, what inspiration do you look for?

I just have an eye for everything. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m the best photographer.  I think I am more interested in the people, food and daily local life that I photograph. I find joy in taking these pictures.

GL: What’s your travel theme song?

TV:  It’s a Spanish song called “La Vuelta Al Mundo” by the famous group Calle 13.

GL: What are the top 3 places you’ve been so far?

TV: Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

TV 2

GL:  How many countries have you been to?

I don’t keep track, to be honest! I’ve been asked about this a lot of times but I don’t know how to answer. I think I have to sit down one day and list everything. However, I don’t really think the number matters.  It’s about what you put into and take away from your travel experience. I’ll keep you updated in the future! 🙂

GL:  Why do you enjoy traveling?

TV:  I am very curiosity about different cultures and languages.  These are the two reasons why I keep going. I think it’s really good to immerse yourself in a different type of living. With almost 2 years of travelling South America, people can’t even identify me as Asian anymore. I talk like an Argentinian; I eat like the Peruvians and play football like the Brazilians. I am now a mix of everything Latin! Seeing how this side of the world functions excites me so much! It is so different from what I’ve been accustomed to.


GL:  What have you learned?

TV:  I’ve learned how to be more compassionate about life.  I’m a kinder person because I understand most people are fighting a hard battle just with everyday life.  I’ve learned how to eat, live, speak and cook like a local in any location.  I’ve learned to appreciate what I have; how to live simply and within my means.  You’re not less of a person if you don’t have material things.  I’m living in a backpack at the moment!

I’ve learned that when you’re driven to do something you love, the doors will always open for you. The world has become my University It has many culturally distinctions.  Most of these things were not offered in school.  I realized that it’s a never ending cycle of “I learned.” Travel will do that to you.

TV 6

GL:  We’re going to list foods and you name the city/restaurant/location where you’ve had it the best:

TV:  Burger: Papacho’s Burger Place (Cusco, Peru)

Exotic meat (what was it?): Peru (A hamster from the Andes)

Seafood dish: Anywhere in Asia!

Desert: Quindim (Brazil)

Wine/alcoholic beverage: Malbec (Argentina)

Pizza: Brandi (Naples, Italy)

Chocolate: Cafe Schuh (Switzerland)

Steak: El Capricho (Leon, Spain)

Ice cream: Ci Gusta Gelateria (Rome, Italy). I like Swiss chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Beer: Saigon Beer (Vietnam)

Spicy Dish: Red Curry (Thailand)

Street food: Apam balik (Malaysia)

TV 1

GL: Where are the best men? (lol)

TV:  Okay, let’s get straight to the point: Looks, I’d go for Argentinians and the French.  Charisma, Brazilians made the homerun. Dancing skills go to Colombians. The romantic type definitely Italians.  Then if you’re looking for a combination of everything, they’re in Mexico.

GL:  What’s your favorite shade/brand of lipstick?

TV:  MAC Russian Red!


GL:  Finally, where are you going next?

TV:  I am not sure. Originally, I was on my way to Central America but I can’t get out of the south!  I don’t really plan my travel route. I use to rack my brain hoping the plan would “happen” but it never did. Now, I’m done with planning. I usually move to a new city every month, depending on how I feel. If it feels good, I stay.  If not, then I go.


Everyone can find Trisha with the handle PS Im On My Way on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  Go fofollow her journey, you wouldn’t be disappointed ☺.



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