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When Global Lipstick was born, believe it or not, lipstick was not the cornerstone. It was more symbolic of femininity. Then, it became a required accessory. Now, it’s completely embedded.

While we were creating episodes of “Global Lipstick: Trapped in Philly”, we saw hues associated with each theme.  With those visions, we were inspired to create a “Trapped in Philly”-themed collection of lipstick.

  1. Sisterly Love is the first shade, inspired by episode 1, “Philly Phreebies,”.  In this episode you are introduced to us (Ebony, Onyx and Jeta…yes, we are really sisters) and the location of our first season, Philadelphia.  Many of you know, Philly is known as The City of Brotherly Love.  The name-jock is fairly obvious!  The hue: bright red, full of love and passion. Global Lipstick: Sisterly Love
  2. Market & Magenta is the next, inspired by episode 2, “Neighborhoods.” Philly is known as the city of neighborhoods. We started our neighborhood tour in Old City, where the infamous Market Street runs long. In a Global Lipstick World, Market and Magenta would be the ideal intersection.  This hue is…magenta.  But you already knew that ;-).   Global Lipstick: Market & Magenta
  3.  Unforgettable Summer, an ode to the season and episode 3, “TBT.”  Throwback Thursday is now a staple in all of our lives, social medially speaking.  Let’s face it!  In “TBT”, we visited some Philly throwbacks and one of the ladies got some ink that will make this a summer she’ll never forget. This lip is an orange, summery shade. GL Unforgettable Summer
  4. LaBelle, comes from episode 4, “Must Be the Music.”  Music is one of Philly’s greatest attributes and an interest we three have in common. While “trapped”, found some highly entertaining musicians.  Some were reminiscent of the high notes of Ms. Patti LaBelle, a Philadelphia Legend.  Deep, fierce red is the color!GL LaBelle
  5. Mademoiselle Pink, a product of episode 5, “International Playas.” As we didn’t get the chance to travel abroad, we sought the international food, fashion and fun in the city. One of our favorite international discoveries was the French-themed, all white, pop-up picnic, Diner en Blanc.  Our Mademoiselle Pink will have you feeling like Paris on a Saturday afternoon. GL: Mademoiselle Pink
  6. Sweet Life is what episode 6, “Happy Feelings” is all about.  Every guest in this episode is happy and living their dreams, featuring sweet treats from Federal Donuts. This frosty pinkish, lavender hue is a reminder of them. GL Sweet Life
  7. Philly Lava, derives from episode 7, “Young, Wild & Free.” What else is there to say?!?! The season finale, full of those (sing it with us) living young and wild and free!  Hot like lava, a reddish orange hue. 

GL Philly Lava

To conclude this entry, I invite to watch a Global Lipstick lipsticky outtake, then purchase the hue that best suits you!

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