“Trapped in Philly” Interview w/ Big Rube of Street Gazing

Episode 1 of T.I.P. (Trapped in Philly), “Philly Phreebies” includes one of Philadelphia’s noted street style bloggers, Reuben “Big Rube” Harley.  Here are a some of his thoughts on Philly, summer and fashion.

1. What is your favorite thing about Philly during the summer?

My favorite thing is the colors that people wear especially the women, from to florals to stripes.

2.  What is unique about Philly fashion?

Unique is the new Philly transplants that are bucking the status quo and adding a different mix.

3. What is something you would tell a visitor to do here that he/she may have never known?

Enjoy the many flavors of our beautiful restaurants.

4. Tell me three things you would hope to have with you if you ever got trapped somewhere.

A hoagie, pretzel and water ice lol.

5. What are some things we can look forward to from you in the future?

I look forward to Philly expanding its style and fashion sense and making Street Gazing a household name.

Watch Global Lipstick party with Big Rube on our homepage!

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