The Cute & ComfortableTraveler’s Fall Shoe Guide 1

In the cool weather, footwear is the second most important item when getting dressed.  First is outerwear.  And when you travel, you absolutely must have the best stems that will last all day and keep you looking chic.  From the airport to European cobblestone streets and onto nighttime gallivanting, here you’ll find a cute and comfortable shoe for every occasion.

If you fancy the school girl look, these Oxford Flats by Miz Mooz for $49.95 are all you.  I’ll go for the obvious and say that they’re perfect for biting on some Fish n’ Chips in London Town…well, they do kinda resemble Tower Bridge.

I call them Sneakers. Some call them Tennis Shoes.  Others call them Runners.  All mean these cuties below for $48.95.  Good for daytime strolls in a funky city.  Tokyo much?


Wedges rule!  These Nine West leopard prints are no exception.  For $129, traipse about Moscow, land of high fashion, in style.

These Knee-Highs w/ Stacked Heels by Miz Mooz for $199.95  scream shopping around Via Cola di Rienzo in Rome.  Then, a plate of gnocchi and a late night glass of vino with friends.  (Wear them on the plane to occupy less luggage space.)



This pair of Over-the-Knee Flat Boots by Chinese Laundry, $129, is good from sun up to sun down…then sun up again.  Wear them to go sightseeing, to lunch or with a mini to the disco in México City.  (These are for on-board too.)

Happy walking!

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