Episode 3 Is Live!

Hi again friends! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to watch “Global Lipstick: Trapped in Philly” Episode 3.  The title of this one […]

Night Market

Summer Philly

10 Things to Do in Philadelphia This Summer

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer!  As self-proclaimed experts on the summer in Philly, we know the best ways for you to get […]

Global Lipstick: Trapped In Philly, Episode 2 – Neighborhoods

Episode 2 has arrived!!! In this episode we continue our hidden gem tour of Philadelphia aka The City of Neighborhoods. We find a new summer drink […]

Ebony's Nom Nom

12 Days of Global Lipstick Christmas Travel Pictures: Day 12 – HOOOOOOOME!!!

We said it on our first day of Christmas.  Nothing compares to being home for the holidays!  We deeply appreciate those unforgettable trips to Christmas markets […]