Stroll. Savor. Sip. Mt. Airy Fare

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of attending the media preview for Thursday September 18th ‘s big event: The Mt. Airy St. Fare. Once there, we took a “stroll” down Germantown Ave. where we “savored” the flavors from a few of the vendors, and “sipped” on local brews and specialty cocktails. Blowing kisses to @JyotiBistro for winning me over with their Chole Bhature dish. The Chole portion is made with white chickpeas and other Indian spices.


Then the Bhauura is simply fried leavened flat bread. Traditionally, you tear off from the entire piece. Since this was a preview, they cut it for us.


Put them together and here you have it:



It looks all innocent, but take it from me, there will be a party in your mouth when you eat it!!! If you’ve never had traditional Indian food, I recommend when you go to the Mt. Airy St. Fare, get your adventurous pallet geared up and give Jyoti a shot.

Coming in close second would have to be the flatbread pizza from @earthbreadbrew.


So from the top left is the mystery name it is topped with mozz and turkey sausage (that has a nice subtle kick to it). Top middle is the Continental with fig, bacon, and arugula on top- sweet and salty combo nailed. Top right is the Earth that has mozz, roastd onions, and arugula….home run for the vegetarians. My fav has to be the one on the bottom- the Seed that is topped with lots of garlic (lots), sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts. I was in love with the crunch factor of this pizza. I was told it’s the most popular. I’ll just say people love it for the same reason I do.


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