Stone Crab Red Carpet at Del Frisco’s

Onyx & Claws

Me & General Manager, Carmen Tedesco

It’s National Seafood Month!  Leave it to a Philly restaurant to create such a fitting celebratory occasion.  If you love seafood (crab in particular) as much as Global Lipstick, keep reading!

This past Friday was the arrival of stone crab season. Del Frisco’s Double Steakhouse gave these delicacies the red carpet treatment they deserve.  LITERALLY.  The stone crabs were welcomed with a red carpet.  Executive Chef John Stritzinger was front line and center to meet General Manager, Carmen Tedesco as he arrived with the precious cargo.



It was only right to provide five star service for crab that was delivered fresh, never frozen from the Florida Keys. Following the red carpet for the crab came the best part….eating them! There was an attractive spread set up full of shrimp, oysters, king crab, and of course….. the stone crab.




At first, I was being modest and got just a small sample of the crab and shrimp.


Once I bit into it, I wished I would’ve opted for a little more. The claws came pre-cracked making it easy to get to the huge lumps of crab meat and dip them in the Dijon sauce (specially created for the stone crab). The Dijon had the combination of saltiness of butter, the creaminess of mayonnaise and just the right kick of a spicy mustard. It complimented the stone crab perfectly.


Two words….sooooo gooood! Suggested pairing for the stone crab is a chardonnay which was also available at the welcome reception.

crab 7

Del Frisco’s signature drink-the VIP- was a hit for majority of the invited guests. The success of this cocktail was probably due to the the clementine vodka infused with fresh Hawaiian pineapple for 14 days. I absolutely love fresh fruit, especially pineapple, so it was a perfect match between the VIP and me. The stone crab was a new experience for me. However, I have had the king crab several times. I was super excited to see it included in the afternoon fare.  Of the times I’ve had it, these were the largest ones to date.  I’m pretty sure Carmen knew it too, because I was having way too much fun with the king crab leg. It tasted just as good as it looked. I enjoyed every bite.  It was a lot of fun being a part of the stone crab welcoming party.  Next time, I’ll welcome the stone crab with a big Global Lipstick kiss!

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