GL Travel Rock Star: Megan Jerrad

Are you ready to ROCK!?  Well get ready because next up in our Travel Rock Star interview series is a fly gal and her name is Megan Jerrard.  Megan is an Australian journalist, an adventure traveler and adrenalin junkie.  She has been immersed in a life of travel with her husband for the past seven years and has been to over 30 countries.  Her blog, “Mapping Megan”, aims to inspire other people to see the world for themselves.  She truly believes if more people traveled, the world would be a better place.

Megan says:

“I’m a lawyer, a journalist, and an Australian. I’m a digital nomad who earns a living from my blog, I’m technically homeless and unemployed, and couldn’t be happier! I recently realized life was about experiences and memories and as such traded all of my worldly possessions for the opportunity to travel indefinitely.”

It is this spirit that makes Megan a Global Lipstick Travel Rock Star.


GL:  What have been your top 3 adventures?

MJ:  It’s so difficult to choose a top 3!! My favorite adventures to date would have to be summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, Skydiving over the Swiss Alps and snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands! Though we recently also took a mountain bike down the most dangerous road in the world (Bolivia’s “Death Road”), tried our hand at bunjee jumping in Costa Rica, and did an epic road trip around Iceland, so they’re also up there!

We generally take our GoPro with us wherever we go, documenting each adventure in as much detail as possible for people to read and experience later on our blog; we’re yet to find an adventure too challenging for the GoPro to handle!


GL:  Do you wear lipstick? If so, what are your shades?

MJ:  I’m a gloss gal! I like to wear pretty neutral shades and often only stick to chapstick.

GL:  What motivates your journey?

MJ:  The adrenalin rush!  There’s an incredible sensation you get from continually discovering someplace new. I’m completely hooked on the life of excitement and adventure which is travel – hooked on discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

I am hooked on the knowledge and education which comes with traveling, and hooked on the feeling of living a genuinely happy and worthwhile life. Life doesn’t have to be full of monotony and drabness – every day can be an adventure if you let it!

That combination motivates my journey.

Kenya 1309

GL:  Is there anywhere that you will absolutely not go?

MJ:  No.  I would happily travel anywhere in the world, as every place has a story to tell and a culture to be discovered and explored. I have an incredible thirst for world knowledge and new experiences, and I’ll never write a place off before experiencing it for myself.  

GL:  We know you travel with your husband, photographer, Mike Jerrad.  What will happen when children enter
the equation?

MJ:  They can come with us! It’s always amusing, because people are continually asking us this, almost with sarcasm as if they already know the answer.  I love the shock in their faces when they realize I’m being serious in saying I’ll continue to travel with kids.

Honestly, there are no rules to life. Who says you can’t travel full time with kids in tow?  Surprisingly, there are many people doing it!  Who says you can’t home-school them on the road?  Honestly, with the way a lot of children are turning out these days and with the state of their education, an education on the road while traveling would probably be better for them!

GL:  What has seeing all these different places and cultures taught you about
1. Yourself?

Travel has taught me so much about myself – and I truly believe it’s the best way to discover your true self.  I think that travel has seen me develop into a better person and for that I’m truly thankful.  I can’t imagine the person I would be today if it weren’t for the experiences and life lessons I have learned while on the road.

Because of traveling I like to think I am a grounded, well rounded person, able to accept and listen to all points of view, appreciative of all world cultures. Travel taught me how to survive by myself; to become street smart.

It taught me that kindness exists in the world, and that strange cultures should be explored and not judged. It continually teaches me new skills, and has opened my mind to new perspectives on history and politics. Because of travel I will forever be curious, and forever be intrigued by different cultural norms, and forever have a thirst for world knowledge and new experiences.

2. People?

Travel has taught me that people are all the same. We all have our own unique customs and cultures, our own opinions and beliefs, and different ways of going about our day, however the one thing travel has taught me about people is that no matter which part of the world we hail from, we’re all the same. All human I mean.

I think that for this reason, if more people traveled, the world would be a better place. We’re all just human beings coexisting in the same world. Despite our differences, we’re all still people, and I think that we often forget that when faced with conflict.


GL:  If you were to uncover a new “frontier” where would it be and what would you call your discovery?

MJ:  Space. I would LOVE to get the opportunity to travel into space – even if it was only a short journey to witness the earth’s curvature. That’s the #1 item on my bucket list and truly the final frontier for me as far as travel is concerned.

Technically space has already been discovered, but of course not yet by me! So I would probably go with something like “Mapping Megan, Mapping Space”!

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