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If you’ve been keeping up with the Global Lipstick web series, you know the music in Philadelphia is everything! Part of the music culture here is the always entertaining drag queen showcase. Our boo Cory Hindorff a.k.a. Serena Star served it at the “Eat it Cabaret”  drag show. He also stopped by the GL lounge to let us get some scoop on his life:

GL: How long have you been a part of the drag culture?

CORY: The first time I ever performed in Drag, I was playing Angel in Jonathan Larson’s RENT. I had an incredible experience with it and decided not to stop. I’ve been experimenting with drag off and on for 3 years now.

GL: What is your favorite part of drag? Being Serena Star?

CORY: I see it as a beautiful outlet for free self expression. To be able to embody a very real side of you that would never get to see the light of day otherwise… That is what makes it special. If it lives inside of you, you’ve got to let it breathe baby. Life is too short for you not to.

GL: How did being the first open drag queen on ANTM change you?

CORY: I competed on ANTM as Cory and nobody knew that I had this drag-queen alter ego. When I auditioned for the show I never told anyone but it did eventually get out. Suddenly I was known as America’s Next Top Model’s drag-queen and I was totally okay with it. It’s given me so much pride and I am so happy to have made history as the first queen ever to compete on that show.

GL: Who has more fun- Cory or Serena Star? Why?

CORY: These days… Cory! I feel like I’ve come to place where I’ve really figured out how to marry the two. Once the world knew that Cory was Serena and vice-versa, Serena became a PART of Cory. Serena was no longer a mask that I hid behind. She turned into one more interesting facet of Cory that makes him that much more of a bada**.

GL: Share a Philly hidden gem that everyone should check out (something to do, something to eat, shop, etc).

CORY: Finigan’s Wake @ 3rd and Spring Garden! Awesome live music. GREAT talent at a great venue.

GL: Tell us what’s next for you. Any future ventures you have coming up?

CORY: I’m about to go to Australia to shoot a look book!!! So excited! Work feels like vacation these days.

GL: Congrats! Everything you have going on now sounds like so much fun. From us to you….kisses!

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