Nice, France & Other Trips I Wish I’d Filmed – Post Cannes 2015 Thoughts 

If you had a plane ticket for every time you said, “where was the camera for that one?!”, you’d probably circle the globe twice. The best memories always catch you off guard.

Cannes 2015 just wrapped (without us…this year). All of the talk of quality films, creatives on the rise, and the South of France got me thinkin’. What would my collection be if I had filmed at least half of my travels? I’d be able to make one hit flick.

Mérida, Mexico

2014-08-06 02.12.56

La Playa

Mérida will always be like my first-born. As my first trip outside of the US, it’s etched on my heart. I wish I had video memories of my first, crawls, steps and giggles as a newborn traveler. The nights I spent practicing my growing Spanish vocabulary with my caring host mother and fellow German students. Daytrips to the historic Chichen Itza and Uxmal. My first time in a Mexican discoteca…and shot of tequila. Feeling surprised and disappointed by the presence of American culture across the border. My days as an infant explorer were the genesis of my newly treasured form of education.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you may have met man named Ray on the Deuce. From what we gathered, he rides the bus up and down The Strip after a few drinks. That, and his rent was paid until the end of the month of February 2010. Ray was a piece of work. He gave us his expert relationship advice, followed by an insult for us not taking his phone number. File this under “Characters You Meet on the Way to IHOP”. That ride was sweeter than our short stack. Other files include, “My Waitress Just Told Me She’s A Cutter. How Do I Respond?”, “How to Go from Nemesis to Homie With Your Bartender”, and of course, “The Exotic Dancer’s Guide to 5am Meals”. Yes, these are all based on real stories. No scripts were involved in the creation of said memories.GL LV


Nice, France

DSCN8670The French Riviera is thee hub of life in the exquisite lane. I haven’t been to Beverly Hills, but I imagine it’s comparable. With Cannes to the west and Monaco to the east, Nice is perfect placement. There was no million-dollar yacht sailin’ or Dom Pérignon poppin’ for my travel mate, Siury, and me. But our trip was very rich. At the top of Colline du Château, we caught a stunning panoramic view of the city. Then, descended to meals that were fit to sleep with. Homemade salmon risotto and raspberry tiramisu. Say whaaaat? The bomb. My favorite part of Nice was wandering into an alley and finding fur-lined rain boots for…wait for it…5€! That was 2012. I still get plenty of mileage out of them.

Nice Passage

Our taste of glitz did come during our brief trip to Monte Carlo, where casino clocks are Rolexes. Trés extravagant, ay? Monaco is very regal and polished. Interestingly enough, it didn’t feel pretentious. I felt like Fran Fine with the Sheffields. I even pulled an “oh no, these are too tight. I can’t buy them” with a pair of shoes I tried on that was out of my budget. They fit like a glove, but I had to play it off. Don’t cry for me, Argentina. My acting could have won “Best 52 Fake Out”.

GL Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo


Freeport, Bahamas

Beware. The tropical vibes of the Bahamas have a sly way of putting you under an island spell. Beaches, booze cruises and beautiful Bahamian sunsets. From the time you land, the countdown is set for your alter ego to be freed. I’ve only visited twice, but because of the loving locals, I feel at home. Every morning we ate at Zorba’s. Every afternoon we ate conch something. And every evening we partied in Port Lucaya. By the end of our trip, I became queen of the Dolla Dance (Google if you’re unfamiliar). I’ll end my recap here…

….no pictures available…. 🙁  

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Holy cow. A friend told me that Dubrovnik was overrated and I shouldn’t waste my time. Good thing I didn’t listen! (NOTE: I almost never take advice from anyone on where to go or places to avoid. Travel is one of those things you have to experience for yourself to know what’s right for you.) This trip is in my top 3 of all time. Dubrovnik is a beautiful, seaside medieval town, as seen in Game of Thrones. It’s hard to describe the awesomeness of my time there. If I had to sum it in one word, that would be “sensational”. I choose this because the feel, taste, look, smell and sound of the city were all fantastic. The feeling: joy. The taste: fresh and full of flavor. The look: sunshine blue. The smell: citrus. The sound: serene. Unlimited adventures. Endless stories. Sigh…take me back.

GL Dubrovnik

GL Dubrovnik

Shots, the Russian Way

Shots, the Russian Way


Bordeaux, France

BFFs. What I found in Bordeaux. If you could say you’ve climbed the tallest sand dune in Europe, sipped at the best wine bars, stumbled into a to-die-for creperie and sang Michael Jackson karaoke with people you just met, you would have a new set of BFFs too. Fortunately, we hit record during our performances of “Beat It” and “Man Down”. But we have no video of us tasting oysters and duck wings for the first time. Or the late night debates about the legalization of same-sex marriages. (It was a healthy debate that ended with Pastis, a signature drink in Marseille.) Those moments were priceless. France is a place I almost skipped because of its uppity reputation. A country that was once on the bottom of my list of destinations to visit is now at the top of my most-loved travel experiences.   I even returned twice within six months of our first trip. Thank you, CouchSurfing for bringing us the dopest, funniest, most generous squad. Next time, team good times WILL be caught on video.

GL Bordeaux

Dune of Pilat

GL Bordeaux

Do you have any trips you wish you filmed? Let us know where and why!

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