#MediaMonday: Porsha Grant

Porsha Grant is a southern belle from Georgia whose charm is absolutely refreshing.  Her quiet demeanor and loving innocence give off all the typical signs of a southerner.  But when she’s sitting in her producer’s chair at 6ABC, her commanding presence gives an air of swag all too familiar in northerners.

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Porsha grew up outside of Augusta, GA and went to college at the University of Georgia.  It was in college where she discovered she wanted to become a journalist and subsequently majored in Broadcast News.  Porsha interned and worked for a while in Augusta before moving to North Carolina.  It was not long before her work caught the eye of her now station in Philadelphia.  Prosha was not so quick to move up north but when learned that Philly is within the top four broadcasting markets in the country, she knew it was a great opportunity to blossom in her field.

For this installment of #MediaMonday we were able to sit down with Ms. Grant at Fuel restaurant in Philadelphia and have a chat.


Global Lipstick:  What are the pros and cons of living in the north versus living in the south?

Porsha Grant:  I wouldn’t really say pros and cons I would just say differences


-It’s home

-The people are more interactive, i.e.  when we make eye contact we acknowledge one another.

– Cost of living is less expensive.

– Slower Pace.

– Less diversity.


-Diversity(eveyone has a parade lol)

-People are more outspoken.

-There are more cucultural exchanges

-Snow(I’m not a fan)

-I had to learn how to parallel park!

I really do like the fact that I’m raising my family in here (in Philly) because it is so diverse.  It will give my kids exposure to lots of different things.

GL:  Have you found any good sweet tea in Philly?

PG:  YES!  The Fat Ham, Kevin Sbraga’s restaurant in University City, comes in first.  If I really get the need, I’ll go to Chic-fil-A.

GL:  What is one of the most inspirational stories you’ve been able to be a part of at 6ABC?

PG:  I think even in stories that aren’t necessarily the most positive, you can find inspiration.  You might see bravery in someone who takes a necessary stand.  That being said, recently the trial for the young girl from West Philly that was kidnapped last year was held.  Now this story isn’t particularly positive at all but during the trial the girl took the stand.  To see this 6-year-old girl remain completely composed while telling her story…that was very inspiring for me, as a grown adult that has never gone through anything like that.


GL: What is something about Philly that not a lot of people know?

PG:  Philly has a lot of green spaces.  Being someone who grew up in the country, this was a shock to see that there are so many places you can go and enjoy nature in the big city.  I grew up on the river in Georgia and never thought that I could come to Philly and find cool places to hang out on the (Delaware) river.

GL:  Why should people visit Philadelphia?

PG:  The dining scene is fantastic!  Philly has anything from a cheesestake to a 5-star gourmet meal.  I really appreciate that and take advantage every chance I get.

GL:  Which are your favorite restaurants?

PGBarbuzzo which is a Mediterranean spot and Kevin Sbraga’s other restaurant, Sbraga.

GL:  Tell us some where you like to vacation.

PG:  My family really likes Ocean City, MarylandWe’re all very beachy.  My children are like fish.  It’s within a two to three-hour drive and they really do have something for everyone.  There are the water parks for the kids.  The beach and boardwalk for everyone and Secrets (restaurant and nightclub) for the adults lol.

GL:  What is one of your most memorable travel experiences?

PG:  My sister and I went to Puerto Rico.  Instead of doing some of the normal touristy stuff our tour guide offered to take us to where the locals are and live.  She took us out and I mean it was the hood of Puerto Rico.  We couldn’t believe it.  We had so much fun and we blended in (wink).  We just needed to work on our Spanish but it was the best time hanging with the people there.  That’s what I recommend to anyone when they travel; go off the beaten path and go out to where the locals are.

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GL:  What destinations are on your travel to-do list?

PG:  Cape Town. Nigeria, maybe in a couple years once Ebola calms down.  Spain.  I was inspired by Lori Tharps’ Kinky Gazpacho.  The UK.  I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with the Royal Family but I would like to see their digs.

GL:  Who is your international man crush?

PG:  Idris Elba!

GL:  Finally, what is your current fave brand/shade of lipstick?

PG:  I like to wear nudes and right now I’m liking the Mac lip blast.  The one I have right now is Nymphette.  It’s hot pink with goldish flecks.

If you’re in the Greater Philadelphia Area, be sure to watch Porsha’s segments on 6ABC news, weeknights on PHL17 at 10pm.  You can also find her on Twitter, @ProducerPG6.

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