#MediaMonday With JP Allen

We always like to give credit where credit is due.  Whether it’s a fellow traveler (check out the GL Travel Rock Star interviews this month) or our peers in media.  For this reason we’ve decided to start a little something that we’ve dubbed #MediaMonday.  On #MediaMonday, Global Lipstick will post an interview or profile of a member of the media (producer/filmmaker/photographer/on-air personality) who is completely slaying the game.

The kick-off #MediaMonday is John Paul Allen, otherwise known as JP Allen, producer and host of the Big Philly Show on Wired 96.5.  JP was born and raised in the Illinois but destined for Philadelphia greatness.  He attended Southern IL State College and now lives in the Manayunk area of Philly.  Growing up, JP always knew he didn’t want a traditional desk job.  When he was a kid, he went to work with his dad, looked around at the drab cubicles then said to his father, “I hope you don’t take this wrong way, but I never want to work like this.”  JP has always known that he wanted to be different.  GL appreciates different because it usually means extraordinary and John Paul is all the way different :P.

We were able to catch up with JP at the Wired studio, were all the production magic happens.

JP Blur

Global Lipstick:  What do you love about Philadelphia?

John Paul Allen:  There’s never a dull moment!  There’s just never enough time in a day to do everything.  My expectations of the day are always met and then some.  Also the people in Philly are passionate; about their food, music and especially their sports, GO EAGLES!!

GL:  So you like the Eagles?

JPA:  I love football, so it’s Eagles all the way!  I’ve always been an Eagles fan, even growing up in Illinois.  It’s always been Eagles for me.  I love tailgating. We all (Wired) get up at 8am on Sunday before game and tailgate together.

GL:  How did you become a radio producer?

JPA :  Around 2006 is when I knew I wanted to do radio.  I started out as an intern at a station in Illinois then became a street teamer.  A little after that I saw a job opening in Philly for a morning show producer at Wired and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.  I always try to tell people if you want a job in radio, you just have to dig in and get started.

GL:  What is the best aspect about your job?

JPA:  Being able to unite people with music.  Music has that ability.  No matter where you’re from and what you look like, you can come together under music. I love that.

JP Hard

GL:  How do you like being part of the morning show?

JPA:  I LOVE IT!  Especially because Chunky, Bex, Tingle and I are like family.  I mean the amount of communication that goes on between us is absolutely ridiculous.  Between the calling, texting, tweeting and emailing, it’s just ridiculous.  But I love it and it helps keep us close and helps to put out quality shows.

GL:  What makes Wired 96.5 one of the best radio stations in Philly?

JPA:  Our Staff.  I’ve never been a part of a radio station that works harder, gets along better and has a strong passion for what they do; from the interns up.  I absolutely love the people I work with and that’s not what work is a lot of the time.  It’s just being able to tolerate your co-workers.  I’m so lucky to be in a position where I am friends with everyone here.

Also we have some of the best on-air talent that there is.  For example Dj Bonics and Mijo, who do the night show.  You have Bonics who is Wiz Khalifa’s official DJ.  He’s been around the world with Wiz and was still able to tape the show which is just amazing.  Then you have Mijo who is a really great DJ and has been doing his thing for years.  So we don’t just have ANYBODY on-air, we have the best.

GL:   What do you enjoy about the Philly music scene?

JPA:  In Philly there’s a (music) show to go to every day and hear really great music.   That’s just not the case in other cities.  You have venues like the TLA, Man Music Center, Susquanna Bank Center(in NJ), Tower Theater and the Electric factory.  Those are just places off the top of my head, there are so many more but you get the point!

GL:  What is one of the most memorable Philadelphia moments you’ve had so far?

JPA:  I actually got to live out an ideal time, which was combining all of my favorite things into one day.  I was able to go to the “Suit and Tie” show with Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, there’s music.  It was at Citizens Bank Park on an off day for the Phillies and I’m on the third base line of the stadium.  So then sports are incorporated.   On top of all of that I was with the girl I had been seeing at the time and I ended up asking her to be my girlfriend!  That night was best and I’ll just never forget the excitement of it all.  Philly is full of nights like that.


GL:  What are your top restaurants/bars in the city?

JPA:  I love wings and the best place to get wings is Union Jack’s in Manayunk.  Then if you’re out really late partying on a Saturday night, Bob’s Diner is really good to go Sunday morning.

GL:  Where are the best cheesesteaks?

JPA:  AWWWW MAAAAN!  Why do I have to answer that?? There are so many!  Okay, one of the best is Dalessandro’s.  If you’re an out-of-towner, I would direct you to Jim’s on South Street.  I think everybody should experience South St. and Jim’s would just complete the experience.

GL:  What Wired events are coming up?

JPA:  Number one is Wired Fest3 on November 6th.  We have Lil John and Steve Aoki headlining.  We also have a young artist, Raven Felix, who at 17 has already done a collaboration with Snoop Dog, which is huge.

Second is the Chunky’s Closet Auction.  Basically it all originated from the concept “one man’s trash…” We collect all these quirky fun items from people and we auction them.  In exchange for their stuff, we give them concert tickets.  We’ve gotten slot machines, a full sized Marilyn Monroe statue, an autographed LeSean McCoy jersey and like hundreds of dollars in holiday Barbie’s.  All of the proceeds go to the families of fallen Philadelphia officers.

JP Chunky

GL:  Lastly, do you travel?

JPA:  While I’ve been at Wired I’ve been able to go on a few trips.  I’ve had the opportunity to go on press junkets for upcoming television shows.  I was able to go out to LA for a Brooklyn 911 junket.  I met Andy Samberg and interview him. He fake punched me in the face!  That’s what my travel experiences are like lol.

Listen to JP on the Big Philly Show and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JPAllenIsMyName

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