Live Like Diddy for A Weekend at Dreams Riviera Cancun

You deserve at least one Diddy Moment in your life.  Wake up to a view of white sand, blue water and palm trees. Order room service at your leisure. Hop into your balcony Jacuzzi after midnight. A fresh robe and slippers waiting for you. Good living. This month, Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa sponsored my stay AKA “Diddy Moment”. During my visit, I had a reoccurring feeling that I should be with Sean “Diddy” Combs on one of his yachts, dancing salsa and sipping pineapple Ciroc. The resort puts you in a lux state of mind. And it falls in the affordable luxury bracket, so you can feel like Diddy without paying four figures per night.

Dreams Riviera is in Puerto Morelos, a town that sits 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of Cancun. The ambiance is the opposite of the wild spring break scene that Cancun is known for. Less of an “All About the Benjamins” vibe, more of an “I Need A Girl”.

Life in the fab lane starts at check-in. There you’ll find a delectable spread of light bites and spirits while you wait toDreams Lobby Sandwiches be escorted to your room. (Perfect for those that have been in transit for hours and need a little something to settle the stomach growls.)

The moment you reach your room, let the Diddy bopping commence.

My suite type was the Preferred Club w/ Ocean View. Aaaaah. Feel the breeze from the Caribbean Sea. The room has perfect lighting and a grand view of the property.

Dreams Resorts Room 2

Dreams Resorts View

If you appreciate a good bathroom like I do, you’ll love this one. Between the granite shower and imitation steam doors, it’s a score. A bonus is the pretty basket of free toiletries.

Dreams Bathroom

Dreams Resorts Shower


Outside of the room is the glossy, indigo infinite pool. The temperature is not too warm, not too cold.  It’s porridge right.  With a built-in bar, it’s easy to spend an entire day in the blue.

Dreams Infinite

Dreams Riviera is an unlimited luxury resort, which is a cut above an all-inclusive.  That means no wristbands, 24-hour room service, unlimited top-shelf drinks, daily restocked mini bar, gourmet meals, daily activities, spa access, all taxes and gratuities included, and more.  Not too shabby. Sooo, you have to fully immerse yourself in your Diddy Moment.  After a long day of beach bumming and poolside fun, throw on your robe and slippers (seen in the room picture above), order room service at 2 a.m., and grab a Coke or Colt from your mini bar.  Then fill up your balcony Jacuzzi and let the show unfold.

 Room Service

(Sidebar, I did not spend any time in the Jacuzzi because according to Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s not good for the goodies 😉 ).

Aside from room service, there are nine restaurants to choose from. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to try them all. But I can give you the scoop on where I did eat:

Seaside Grill – featuring steak and grilled specialties. This wasn’t my favorite. Rarely in resorts are the outdoor options the best. They are usually snack-ish, with mainly fried food. I shared appetizers with the group I was with and ordered the spinach and goat cheese salad. Pretty easy.

World Café – the international buffet. This is the only restaurant open for breakfast. But there are plenty of options: omelets, pastries, pancakes, chilaquiles, etc. I stuck with fruit, which was ripe and delicious. Mexico never disappoints.

Dreams GL Breakfast

Lunch at World Café surprised me. I’m partial to breakfast but the midday selections were very appetizing. There Dreams Sushiwas seafood, veggies, fajitas, freshly grated parmesan (which I was beyond fascinated by)…the list goes on. The most interesting was the sushi with a Mexican twist. One was topped with a banana slice. And the soy sauce was spiked with jalapeños. Nice way to mix cultures.

Bordeaux – the French spot. This is the most Diddy Moment appropriate of them all.  Dim lighting, elegant atmosphere and the food presentation is posh. Needless to say, there is a dress code in place. I ordered salmon for my main dish and a cheese plate for the dessert. The food was about a 7/10. The service was great.

Dreams Salmon

Dreams Bordeaux Cheese

Finally, the spa. There are treatments available for an additional fee (massages, facials, manicures, etc.). Included are the sauna and a dip in the pool of hydrotherapy. Very relaxing while still enjoying the Caribbean sun. I left sleepwalking.

Dreams Spa

One thing I can’t neglect to mention is the pleasant staff. Everyone I came in contact with was extremely warm, efficient and accommodating – which is not always the case at resorts. Every restaurant worker, receptionist, housekeeper, everyone. I had excellent exchanges with them all. They treat their guests like Diddy, even if you don’t have the celebrity status. Additionally, my camera fell out of my purse while I was on the beach. I noticed it was missing shortly after. When I went to search for it, the security guard on the beach told me it was waiting for me at the front desk. Efficient.

Overall, I would say Dreams Riviera is a great place to have your Diddy Moment. I don’t usually stay at resorts when I travel but if you are in the mood to be spoiled, head there! Or if you’re like me and don’t mind varied accommodations, stay there a few nights and stay at a boutique/locally owned hotel a few nights. It is quite possible to have a satisfactory experience in more than one location. If you do find yourself in Dreamland, you will be leave happy…and still doing the Diddy Bop 🙂 .

For more information about Dreams Riviera and other Dreams properties, visit .


While we were there, Mexico celebrated its Independence Day (September 15th). Here is a quick video of the big fiesta. Olé!

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