Let’s Get International

Global Lipstick is totally down to mix it up with different cultures.  That’s why we are in love with the International House Philadelphia.  When we heard the IHP was hosting a Brazilian BBQ earlier this summer, we didn’t hesitate to join the fun.


-We had to take snaps with IHP President Tanya Steinberg and IHP PR rep Kory Aversa.


-We were wooed by the sweet sounds of AIo Brazil, Philadelphia’s premier Brazilian ensemble.


-Global Lipstick wasn’t the only ones rockin to the Brazilian beat. Look @that crowd!


-To cap off a great afternoon we got the chance to witness the next Dani Alves…on his break lol


You can go to www.Ihousephilly.org to find out all the exciting events happening at the IHP.  You never know, you might catch the next GL event there ;)…

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