Global Lipstick: Trapped in Philly, Episode 5!

We hope you’ve enjoyed episodes 1-4 of season 1 of our web series.  Now we present to you número 5.  Some of our favorite moments of our “trapped” summer were when we had the feeling of being….away.  Thus the reason this episode is dedicated to the “international playas”.  Included is a trip to US*U.S Boutique.  Here, we were able to see designers at work firsthand.  Their lines were influenced by cultures of the world, including Brazil, Vietnam and Africa.

For the food portion, we visited Karma Restaurant & Bar.  Onyx and I had eaten there on quite a few occasions.  This was Ebony’s first.  It’s truly one of our favorite Old City gems.  JiJi Thomas recently took ownership.  There was a little concern of if new management meant bye-bye to the old flavors we knew and loved.  But thankfully, there were no disappointments.  We even indulged in a few new dishes, per his recommendation.

And for the fun…2 parts!  First being the BlackStar Film Festival.  It’s a new Philadelphia phenomenon, dubbed as the Sundance Film Festival of the East Coast. This fest is a celebration of cinema focused on work by and about people of African descent in a global context.  Our movie of choice was “Yelling to the Sky”, starring Zoë Kravitz, Gabourey Sidibe, and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter.  It’s a movie in which all of the characters are figuratively yelling for better days.

Part 2 of the fun installment is Dîner en Blanc.  If you can’t tell from the fancy schmancy spelling of “Dîner”, this event has France written all over it!  A Parisian-themed, pop-up, all white picnic this is.  But wait…there’s more!  The location of the picnic is a secret.  All the guests are directed to different pockets of the city to await directions from their designated captain.  The name of the game is BYOE…bring your own everything!  Bottles, tables, plates, cheese, baguettes, macarons, chairs, etc.  So, the itinerary would go as such: 1) Find an elegant table setting 2) Find elegant white digs 3) arrive to your meeting point (blindfold optional) 4) big reveal of location! 5) eat, drink and say ‘oui’ all night!  ENJOY!

That’s episode 5 in a nutshell.  Don’t just read about it, watch now on our homepage!!!

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