Eat Pretty; #ALifeStyle

Beauty is global! Every woman around the world loves to feel  beautiful. It all starts from within. And Anju Threads hosted #ALifestyle Event to get us on the right path to beauty from the inside out. Jolene Hart, a health coach, wrote “Eat Pretty.”




In her book, she shares tips on how you can eat yourself pretty…. literally! She told us how we have the opportunity to pamper ourselves three times a day. “Every time you eat, it should be just as pampering as a facial or a spa.”



Jolene was so excited about her book, she gave us some tips from the book on the spot: 1) Build yourself a beautifying plate- and overhaul it! You can do so in part by seasonal eating. For example summer is a great time to eat foods with UV protectives in them like tomatoes. Hydrating foods like celery and cucumbers are also fitting additions to your summer plate. Green tea helps reduce redness and repairs skin. 2) Limit  added sugars. Instead, look for foods with natural sweeteners such as raisins. 3) Make sure most of the food you eat is nutrient dense. Kale and broccoli are two examples.
You can learn much more on eating yourself pretty when you pick up a copy of the book.
There were plenty of beautifully yummy snacks to munch on.






#ALifestyle event like this of course had some beautifying raffle prizes:


Fellow blogger Emily a.k.a. “her Philly” managed to win a gift certificate to Anju Threads. Yaaay


Even Global Lipstick got to win #ALifeStyle pirze.


#ALifeStye Hi-Five!




Eating pretty is #ALifeStyle that Global Lipstick and this pretty crowd wanted to learn about as well.  We all now know how to be pretty inside out.


Anju Threads owner celebrating a job well done 🙂


Anytime Global Lipstick gets the opportunity to learn a lesson in beauty we are on board. Its #ALifeStyle

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