Czech Out That Pour

You should know by now that GL loves all things international.  Thanks to our experience at Sassafras Bar, seen in episode 2 of our web series Trapped in Philly, beer is no exception.  So when we heard that Beer Master Robert Lobovsky came all the way from the Czech Republic to show us Americans a thing or two about Pilsner Urquell beer, we jumped at the chance to grab a glass.

Silk City, located in the Northern Liberties part of town, was a buzz waiting with excitement ready to experience the Pilsner pours, done in three distinct ways.   Having been to C.R., GL was all too familiar with the way Czech’s pour but who doesn’t want to learn from a master.  Robert was born in CR but raised in Melbourne Australia.  Even though he spent many years in Melbourne, his C.R. roots never left him.  As soon as he got the chance he said bye, bye Aussies and hello to his homeland.  Not long after his homecoming, he found himself working for the Pilsner brewery and has now been dubbed Beer Master.

Czech Pours

These are the 3 ways that Czechs pour their Pilsner,

Bartender Pic

The Beer Master showing Ebony how it’s done.

3rd pour

GL’s Favorite Pour, Mliko or Milk, it’s best served with dessert.

Thumbs up


We’d like to give a HUGE shout out to QC Mercantile and Pilsner Urquell for bringing this experience to Philadelphia.  We loved having a (err several :P) cold glass on a hot summer night and we know everyone else will too.



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