Chinese New Year!

Today marks the day of the Chinese New Year. This means plenty of food, fashion, and of course, lots of fun! For starters, food plays a huge part in this grand celebration. Since the whole family  (including family ancestors)  enjoys the festivities, a lot of cooking is going down lol. There are many traditional foods prepared specifically for this occasion. The vegetarian dish jai is said to have ingredients that will set your new year (as well as years ahead) up for an abundance of good fortune. a1foodie43149      Eat plenty, but save room for dessert! A fortune cookie may give you good news in addition to being tasty 😉   Arguably the most important part of fashion for the Chinese new year is the incorporation of the color red. Red correlates to fire and is symbolic for good fortune and joy. Red can be found everywhere during this time. Even a red envelope is used for monetary gift giving!   wpid-Different-CNY1.jpg       wpid-chinese-red-envelope_1389143844.jpg          With this new year start, next thing you know….BALLIN!   The fun may be an easy one to figure out: the two weeks spent celebrating the new lunar year. The festivities start on the first day of the new year and ends 15 days later on the full moon. This day is called the Lantern Festival. At night, there’s a lantern display. There’s  also a parade in which kids carry lanterns. The coming together of the family’s ancestors and today’s living is recognized at the New Year’s Eve’s dinner.    wpid-cny2010-group.jpg wpid-new-year-in-china_1389145635.jpg         A great way to welcome in the greatness that is to come in the days ahead 🙂   From us here at Global Lipstick…. wpid-Chinese-New-Year-Fireworks-Cards-1.jpg.jpeg    Happy Chinese New Year!!!   Every woman trips!

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