Backyard Fall Foliage

I recently wrote a blog entry about places to see autumn leaves, highlighting sites from Scotland to Nova Scotia.  Silly me to have overlooked my own backyard!  We travelers tend to forget that we have acres of diamonds* right at home.  Booking a trip is not always required in order to appreciate the oyster that is our world.  Sometimes you just have to look around.  I was peeking out the window today and was struck by the sight of these complementary auburn-and-golden-leaved trees.  I know they didn’t change colors overnight but something in the air made me appreciate them much more today.  The moral of the story is be grateful for what you have and absorb the beauty all around you!  Trust me, it’s there!



*Acres of Diamonds is the name of a speech made by Russell Conwell, a founding father of Temple University.*

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