About Us


Ebony is the oldest of the trio. Since earning her degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she has been working in communications. She was the first to travel internationally with her high school class to Spain and a subsequent semester abroad in London. In both the US and across the pond, she is known for being unexpectedly fearless and downright wild. She’s the “Mikey” of the gang – she’ll eat anything. There is no limit to her experiencing life.

Five Faves

  • Delicacy: Crickets
  • Item to travel with: Beats by Dre
  • Magazine: Robb ReportPlace
  • Footwear: Chucks
  • Place Visited: Bratislava, Slovakia


Middle sister, Onyx, is as precious, rare and unique as her name would suggest. With a degree in Psychology from Hampton University, this “smarty pants” is a social butterfly, always willing to engage new people and things. Though labeled a cautious adventurer by her older sister, she is no less willing to get out and partake in new experiences.  One being a hike of sand dunes in the south of France.  Aside from Onyx’s leisure travels, her Communications Management position afforded her the opportunity to travel to dozens of U.S. major cities.  Her favorite was New Orleans.

Five Faves

  • Saturday Morning Activity: Pancake Making
  • Accessory: Sunglasses
  • Movie: Old School
  • Phrase: “Spare me.”
  • Place Visited: Bordeaux, France


Brave and daring youngest sister, Jeta, also embodies one of the meanings of her name as a jet setter.  While in college, she seized the moment to perfect her Spanish-speaking skills by spending a multi-country semester in Mexico, Peru and Argentina.  Upon earning her degrees in Spanish and Public Relations from Temple University, she worked in various industries from event planning to entertainment to her favorite, a Cultural Ambassador in Spain.  As a Cultural Ambassador, she lived one year in Madrid and Seville respectively.  Much of her free time was spent taking weekend trips around Europe.  Jeta lives to pursue new challenges and indulge in tasty food.  Her palate is very adventurous and her hunger for new scenery has turned her into a passport stamp-chaser, but she is still careful to appreciate each moment.  Creative and colorful, she is always looking for unique ways to indulge in life.

Five Faves

  • Vegetable: Avocado
  • Emergency Item: Emery Board
  • Print: Stripes
  • Board Game: Taboo
  • Place Visited: Iquitos, Peru