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There is so much great food in Philadelphia! We got to chow down on a few of the different fiddles at the #sameplace #sametime thanks to The Food Trust hosting “At Night Market Philadelphia.” This event (which started in 2010) is where various food trucks gather together in different locations around the city. You can also find local talent in the arts and entertainment. We caught up with The Food Trust to get a little more insight. Here’s what they shared with us:

GL: What was the initial goal of the Philly Night Market? Was the goal achieved? Has it changed?
TFT: The goal of Night Market is to celebrate different neighborhoods in Philadelphia and provide an opportunity to showcase local food entrepreneurs, art and culture in a fun outdoor market.

GL: Since the birth of the project, how has it grown/evolved?
TFT: Night Market has grown more that we could imagine! Since our first Night Market of just 17 food trucks, we’ve now hosted 13, going on 14, Night Markets with the largest one having well over 30,000 people and 80 food vendors.
GL: Name the most exciting part of the Night Market.
TFT: The few minutes right before the official start, when the vendors are set up, the music is just about to start and you can feel the energy and people start to all fill the streets of that particular neighborhood.

GL: Is the Night Market an ideal event for tourists/visitors? Why or why not?
TFT: Yes! Night Market is a unique way for visitors and tourists to explore Philadelphia and an opportunity to try a wide variety of Philadelphia food vendors and experience the city very differently than a traditional visitor might.

GL: Without using words that directly describe food (hehe), give three words that describe “At Night Market Philly.”
TFT: Hmmm….well it really is a food event, but: Neighborhood, Explore, Expedience
Awesome! Thanks to The Food Trust for sharing with Global Lipstick and the rest of the globe 🙂
To experience the food for yourself, the upcoming dates are:
Aug. 21- Lancaster Ave @35th st.
Oct. 2nd- Chinatown
Also, be sure to click here to take a peak at the “At Night Market Philly” in our web series!


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