7 Reasons to read ESSENCE Mag’s First Global Issue 2

In case you missed it, ESSENCE Magazine recently (August/2015) dropped its first Global Issue, shot in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.  It. Is. EVERYTHING.

  1. Baduizm is poppin’
    1. The queen.  Erykah Badu. We could stop there. But we won’t. Aside from her stunning pictures taken in Tanzania, she’s her usual candid and reflective self. Always speaking to heal and build whoever is listening. The editorial ends with a letter penned, “The Paradigm of Joy”. In it, she explains the journey to a woman’s joy. Read the following excerpt:

 “The wise woman knows instinctually that in order to truly realize herself, she must be still. She must give up things that no longer evolve her by first identifying what they are. She realizes that the ultimate human JOY we seek can only be found in the full acceptance of who we really are.”

Photo by Warwick Saint

  1. Fashion in the Motherland
    1. Africa. The birthplace of all things, including MODE. The landscapes of the fashion spreads are the Serengeti and members of the Maasai society. The looks are audacious and luxurious. The message is powerful and feminine.

      Photo by Greg Vore

  2. More reasons to visit Tanzania
    1. The issue opens with images of the people, sights and culture of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Both have been on our travel will list for years. The vibrancy of the busy outdoor markets, pink flamingos and Serengeti sunsets are like magnets, attracting us all the more.
  3. Much deeper than travel
    1. While we’re sometimes seduced by the glossy, touristy scenes, nothing compares to feeling the pulse of a foreign place. What makes the people smile? What are their struggles? What are their triumphs? What is their social climate? Those questions are answered inside.
  4. “Ya got 2 put me on.” – Lil’ Kim
    1. In addition to wanting to know the social climate, we just wanna know what’s hot! We love finding dopeness abroad. There’s a hefty list of international dope chicks and movements in this issue. Three of our faves are United Kingdom’s Gabrielle Smith, founder of thenublk.com, Nigeria’s Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV and Tanzania’s pop star, Vanessa Mdee.

      Vanessa Mdee (Photo by Greg Vore)

  5. Dissention amongst African, Caribbean and Black-Americans
    1. This could be a contentious topic. But it was handled gracefully. The panel, which included seven media mavens of the African diaspora, revealed much of the feelings and preconceived notions we harbor against each other. Stereotypes. Reading made us reflect on whether we’ve contributed to the divide. We confess – we’re guilty on some accounts. The answer to bridging the gap is clear: have compassion and support each other.
  6. Global home tips
    1. When you’re not traveling, it’s nice to feel the worldly essence in your living space. Interior designers, Erika Hollinshead Ward and Elaine Griffin, provide tips and resources to bring a world of culture to home. They introduced us to projectbly.com and Wanderloot. Our casas will be thankful.

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to read ESSENCE Mag’s First Global Issue

  • Al Terrell

    Awesome article, loved it, looking to strength out ties to the motherland through travel. Looking to spearhead trips to Africa to gain knowledge and to promote economic ties between peoples of color here in the states and around the World. Travel is education of the first order, consuming and engaging all of senses. Hail Travel!