50 Vacations in One Lipstick Tube

Once upon a time a beauty product was born whose price tag equaled 32 roundtrip tickets from Philly to Melbourne, Australia; 70 roundtrip tickets to Moscow, Russia; 216 roundtrips to Los Angeles…shall I continue?  Sounds astronomical but yes, it exists and at one point was the hot ticket item.  The France-based brand, Guerlain, created a tube that valued at a whopping $62,000.  Its exclusive KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick line is the most expensive ever made.  Something like that better come with real diamonds.  And yes, it does…199 of them paved into the 18-carat yellow gold tube (proving yet again that we consumers pay more for packaging than product).  Only 15 customizable shades are made and each customer is entitled to 10 refills.  Everyone deserves to splurge.  But you do the math.  If budgeted well, you could go around the world twice for the same price.  Which will it be?  Tempting….

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