2014 Checklist 2

The new year has already begun in some time zones.  Here in eastern time, we still have a few hours of 2013 left.  What to do with them?  Make a checklist!  Not just for us.  Anyone reading.

  1. Be open and receptive to alllll of the blessings with your name on it!
  2. Love your loved ones like you never, ever have before!
  3. Expect miracles (similar to number one but bears repeating).
  4. Go someplace new at least once.  Great advice from the Dalai Lama.
  5. Inspiration is all around you.  Use it!  Grab every piece and tie it into your own life story.
  6. Pay it forward/Give back/Share/Give thanks.  All those things your mother taught you to do!
  7. LIVE!!!!!!

We can’t promise that if you do these things, you’ll have the best year of your life.  But if you do, it sure will be FIIIIIIRE!!!!

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