12 Days of Global Lipstick Christmas Travel Pictures: Day 6 in Madrid

What is this, you ask?  Oh, just a Christmas tree made of 50 bottles of champagne (cava).  The best decorations ever made to some!  This tree of…good cheer…was spotted in the San Miguel Market in Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain.  A rarity.  No one was drinking the bubbly but a mist of intoxication lingered.  Madrileños (natives of Madrid) are typically quite reserved in public, much more than their southern compatriots .  Either the holiday season or the drunken tree altered the atmosphere.  The introverted social climate opened.  Wouldn’t call it extroverted but there was a slight shift!  All because of the cava tree.  That’s what I say, at least ;-).

Christmas Madrid

Photo by: Global Lipstick

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